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Thursday, March 31, 2011

School Lunch Prices.. Too High!

Not only does our Burlington High School School have ridiculously high lunch prices. Schools all over the country for example Guilderland High School are continuously raising their prices for school lunches. Those kids who are low on money and don't have a packed lunch available to them go into very large debt just from getting food in school. Never have I been in debt when buying lunch but ever since this change to electronically paid lunches multiple kids i know are now in debt of prices of $10 and higher, even up to $20. The reason for this electronic change was because of social media. The reason for the switch to iPads was because of social media and because of the new and constantly advancing outside world. From hearing about other schools idea of a new way to teach and communicating with people around the word through social media, it caused this change. Personally lunch is much faster and more efficient now but not sure if it is necessarily better.

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