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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ipad 2

The Ipad 2 is seem to be an incredible machine. It is much thinner, lighter, faster and has the capability to do things unimaginable. The latest details on this are all over the web and in news discussions. Personally i think Ipad's are amazing. They are so much fun to play with, easily portable and are very reliable. However for me they are not an alternative for a computer. I like being able to type on a keyboard and view things in on a large monitor. Having the ipad accessible at any time and place is outstandingly helpful but a little difficult. What happens when you don't have WiFi or what happens if you are traveling and the battery life dies out? Its hard for me to imagine Ipad's completely replacing books, and other school materials because what about those students who loose things easily? What happens if students would rather hold a book in their hand. This invention opened a door of unlimited possibilities for people all around the world but in my eyes it isn't entirely wanted.

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