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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being safe online and in life

The topic of a person creating their own digital footprint is constantly an issue especially for children. For me I see it as a good thing to put your full name online depending on where it is placed. I do not agree that children or even adults should ever put their town or address online but a name is different. For children it is a way of interaction and a way to be aware of what is around them outside of their homes. Also there is always the option of security settings. If a person feels uncomfortable or unsafe they are always open to change their settings to private and that will give them a sense of security. I think children especially should be taught how to blog, tweet and use other tools effectively and by opening up to all these possibilities it requires them to put their name online. Any website you create an account for you have control over so why be afraid? If anything someone can always delete their page. Up to a certain extend putting a persons full name online is perfectly safe.

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