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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Get Students to Love Learning

School every day in itself is a struggle for teachers and students. There are many strategies teachers and schools try to perform to keep students engaged and interesting in their education. Speaking at a personal level i learn best when i am not lectured at and are taught a subject of information through interaction and hands on activities. A way to keep kids engaged would be to create fun activities that taught a certain subject area. These tasks would definitely be tough to come up with in a way that interprets the subject initially being taught but it is far more rewarding when students actually understand it.
It is known to be a major problem in class when students come to class late and then decide to pack up their things before the bell rings. If teachers were to make their class day agenda's longer so that it would adequately fill the entire class period students would be forced to stay focused until the bell. Also on those days when students have to work hard as suggested until the very end of class a reward should be given. For example, the next day class period should give the students a little free extra time at the end of class to relax. Or even possibly one of these relaxing last couple minutes once a week. Students appreciate it and it makes them happier to come to class the next day knowing they were given a small brake.
Lastly if students at the beginning of class choose to not pay attention something called "Video Didect" could be used in the classroom. Most of the time if there is an assignment given at the start of class students rush to try and finish it leaving them with time at the end of class without even listening to the instructions first. This program allows the teacher to control the monitors of students so that they are forced to pay attention instead of ignoring the instructions. It will make the computer screen go blank giving the main focus back to the teacher.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Students given freedom with their Ipads

The question is, should students be able to load anything they want on their iPads next year or do you think the school should control it? Personally i believe students should have the freedom to put and load anything they want on their ipads. Overall they are their ipads for the year and they wont be used only in school. I feel as though since students will be using them at home and over vacations they should have the freedom to do what they want with them. However some restrictions need to be put into place. During school hours certian sights should be blocked. Also it is the students responsibility to pay attention and take notes in class and if they choose not to their grade will be affected.

Friday, June 10, 2011

North shore technical high school

This iPad app is incredible. Just looking around and playing with it I noticed it has everything. It is exactly like and agenda but easier to work and more organized. For me it is very helpful because it has a section for sports. It has each sport one plays and the schedule there just by clicking on the sport. There is homework available exactly how a teacher wants it to be done. There is a plane calendar available as well. For your own benefit there is a tab for "news" which makes kids aware of everything going on in the school and important dates. Some cases for iPads that are useful is the handstand And the scosche kickback case. Also the ModulR iPad case

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No homework debate

The link on no homework above I disagree on. On a personal level i have come to realize having homework has helped with the overall outcome of my grade. Before tests and quizes having homework is like a review. When teaches assign homework as to study I never do it but when for example in math my teacher assigns a worksheet to complete the day beffore a test i make sure to do it becau it is extremely helpful. At times, any student will agree, i don't like homework and wish it was banned because i become over whelmed and stressed. No child likes coming home to a pike of homework but no student should come home and have nothing to do. This could lead to kids having the freedom to go out later therefore going to bed late and being tired the next day. I can say all this because I have been through it. Therefore i disagree with the banning of homework but I do think the amount teachers give a night and the due dates for things should be lessened and have restrictions to.

Common sense media

The common sense website is a great way for parents and students to become informed about their school environment. It gives parents an insight on the technology advancements around the world. Also it tells them exactly what goes on in schools so regardless of what their children tell them they truly know what happens with their children in school. It also is a reliable source for kids to see and know what is changing around them. They may not be caught up with everything going on around them in school and simply by visiting this site it will help them realize. This website is helpful for everyone including people who may not attend school. Those who are teachers in other places are able to see what happens in schools around them or across the world. This site is a world wide reliable source.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin

Osama Bin Ladin is the reason for many deaths, many grieving families and many destruction's. I do not know much about him or the specifics on what he has done to destroy our country. However, i do know that he was the reason for 9/11. I remember very vaguely that day. I was in the third grade, age 7 and we were having a normal day as always. Over the loud speakers our principle made everyone stop and take a moment of silence for the fact that a terrible event had just taken place in New York. No one knew details or what exactly had just happened but i specifically remember everyone being very scared. Osama Bin Ladin caused all this and quite frankly i am happy he is dead. With all the rumors going around about retaliation and revenge i can only pray that they are not true however i do not know what to expect for our country from here on out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The way I see facebook, is that it is a very large social network. People are given the chance to communicate with eachother.For example, if there is a project that requires out of school work, facebook allows those students to make a group that way everyone knows what is going on all at the same time. Also on a personal level I know that while in class i have full access to face through my phone and ipod, however, I do not use it while in class. I understand that high school is a place where kids are responsible for their own learning and having to put the work in themselves to be successful. Facebook can be a distraction most definitely but I believe with the iPads students will only use facebook when appropriate, because they know they are responsible for their own grade and absorbing the information taught to them. Also it makes the students feel more in control now that trust is being put in them. Students soon realize they have other things with a greater level of importance than facebook.

Thoughts ipads

Honestly, I think iPads are a good idea. They have many apps that make learning easier and more fun. However, I believe students should have the oppurtunity to decide whether they want to use an iPad or their own laptop. For those who have mac laptops they are still able to have access to the same apps and learning ways as those students with iPads. Also, are techers going to be using iPads? I know now that teachers are using mac laptops, so whats the harm in students using them as well?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ipad apps

There are so many apps available for the iPad. A useful one that i found quite interesting was the flascards app. It was very simple to use. No tutorial was necessary, all I had to do was open the app and start typing. It is a very helpful in the fact that instead of wasting multiple flashcards and money on vocabulary tests, finals and the SATs. This app allows you to create your own flashcards with a front and back side and flip through them just by a swipe of your finger. When we get iPads next year I am definitely going to download this app.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Picture Tour

Heres my 9 Picture Tour !

This is the chaos I have to deal with in the morning trying to get to school.

Homeroom for the first 10 minutes of school before 1st period.

"A" street as it's called is my route to and from almost all my classes.

I have to carry around these books all day, and every day.

My favorite time of my day. I spend my study period in this field study helping out with the younger kids.

I can't make it through the day without my license, ipod, car keys and of course my phone. 

Lunch inside or out is when I socialize with my friends and rush to finish homework for my last 2 classes.

2:00 is when school gets out and once again another day finished.

After school my time is spent playing either lacrosse, soccer or running track and field on this beautiful new field.