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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No homework debate

The link on no homework above I disagree on. On a personal level i have come to realize having homework has helped with the overall outcome of my grade. Before tests and quizes having homework is like a review. When teaches assign homework as to study I never do it but when for example in math my teacher assigns a worksheet to complete the day beffore a test i make sure to do it becau it is extremely helpful. At times, any student will agree, i don't like homework and wish it was banned because i become over whelmed and stressed. No child likes coming home to a pike of homework but no student should come home and have nothing to do. This could lead to kids having the freedom to go out later therefore going to bed late and being tired the next day. I can say all this because I have been through it. Therefore i disagree with the banning of homework but I do think the amount teachers give a night and the due dates for things should be lessened and have restrictions to.

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