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Thursday, April 28, 2011


The way I see facebook, is that it is a very large social network. People are given the chance to communicate with eachother.For example, if there is a project that requires out of school work, facebook allows those students to make a group that way everyone knows what is going on all at the same time. Also on a personal level I know that while in class i have full access to face through my phone and ipod, however, I do not use it while in class. I understand that high school is a place where kids are responsible for their own learning and having to put the work in themselves to be successful. Facebook can be a distraction most definitely but I believe with the iPads students will only use facebook when appropriate, because they know they are responsible for their own grade and absorbing the information taught to them. Also it makes the students feel more in control now that trust is being put in them. Students soon realize they have other things with a greater level of importance than facebook.

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