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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

School Handbook Revision

The student handbook has many rules that students are required to know about and be aware of. Out of this class alone about 1 or 2 students admitted to actually reading the handbook. Most students in BHS are not aware of the rules they are supposed to follow everyday. One of the many rules that I feel needs to change is the rules for dimissal. More than the usual amount of students people would figure, leave and skip school. Kids that are responsible enough and wouldnty abuse this privaledge should be allowed to sign themselves out of school. However there is more to it than just that. I feel as though students with cars, basically juniors and seniors should only be allowed to leave. They should also only be allowed to leave if they have under 4 dismissals, tardies, or absences for that quarter. Of course with some variations and with certain rules to meet teachers and advisors needs I feel as though this may work to everyones advantage. It will keep students from leaving with out checking out and make it better for students to be in school.

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