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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facebook strengthening students

Students most of the time view teachers as the enemy; the only reason they teach is because they hate students which explains why they seem to cruel. However i've realized their main priority is truly about their students and they aren't here to set us up for failure but to prepare us for what lies ahead. Teachers realize every student is different and excels is certain areas therefore not only do teachers notice students for their academic ability but those who coach a sport or lead an extra curricular activity notice students talents in other physical areas. Facebook is a common interest for all students and I find it extremely interesting that teachers are trying to find new way to reach out to students and expose them to new learning methods, Facebook being one of them. This article shows how Facebook can be used to give extra help to students in need, for the teachers they are able to view the everyday lives of students, family connections in students homes, updated homework for each night if you happen to miss a class, snow days, an atmosphere where students have no excuses, exposing students and teachers to the newly invented technology of this world and lastly mobil access to all these options anywhere, anytime. I feel the use of Facebook would be an amazing new experience for students giving them a way to learn easier and more interesting. However this method could cause distractions not related to school. This idea is both good and bad but definitely a start to moving forward in education for kids.


  1. Megan,

    I am dismayed by the fact that you feel most students view teachers as the enemy. Maybe students do not feel close connections to their teachers in some cases, but to say they are the enemy seems like a strong statement.

    Do you have any teachers who have set up Facebook pages in their classrooms to help communicate things?

  2. I actually have one teacher that I know of who has set up a Facebook page specifically for my class. It can be a help at times and is good to know I always have a reliable source for getting my homework or any work I missed. I don't mean to say teacher's are the enemy in a bad way, just in a way that students don't feel completely comfortable with them.