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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

Maybe I sound a little rediculous but I had to watch this video above twice to try to understand where Sir Ken Robinson is coming from. I personally agree with the fact that during his time as a child kids believed that if they went to school, got an education, went to college they were ensured a job. However now, kids don't believe it anymore. It is good to have a college degree but doesn't promise you a job after college. I don't know how many times i have heard "I have ADHD." I support the theory that the increase in standardized testing in the US has increased the ADHD rate as well. On top of it giving kids drugs to make them pay attention drains all their ability to explore except for focus on the one concept at hand which takes the livelyness out of a person resulting in them being held back from their true potential. Mainly all the points Robinson addressed in my mind are compltely accurate. It makes me wonder why schools seperate kids by age. Why not by ability or learning habits? Also I have realized I work better in a group than alone which also factors into the theory of holding kids back from their true potential. This video got me thinking a lot but did makes me wonder if I am understanding correctly what he is trying to say..

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