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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Schools banning cell phones?

I am fortunate Burlington High School has in fact promoted cell phone use in school. I agree with the fact that cell phones are a distraction but I can also disagree and say that cell phones can be helpful. Cell phones have been used in class to do on line poles, which are an interesting way to check if you got multiple choice answers on a worksheet or homework correct. Using cell phones at lunch to call a parent or if an emergency at home occurred is also very convenient for students. Most students in high school are grown up enough to take responsibility for their own work and keeping good grades. Most high school teachers don't care if students use cell phones solely because they are responsible for understanding and studying the material at hand and if a student chooses to not pay attention or get the work then that is their own fault. Cell phones can be very helpful and important but its all up to the student when and where it is appropriate to use them.

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